Chief Keef – “First Day Out”

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chief keef

“Hopped out the Rarri with a Louie bag…”


So Chief Kief is very dark and menacing, to say the absolute least. If you really want to play him at your family reunion, you should not put on “First Day Out.” For the entire track, he sounds like he just discovered how to talk, but then right in the middle we get this gem: “Hopped out of the Rarri, with a Louie bag.” Yeah, it’s not his most ridiculous murder scene type line, but that’s not the issue. He sounds like he is trying to gargle an entire bottle of mouth wash, while rapping. So it comes out like: “Hopped out the rarrrair warri a larri bggg.” Its liable to get GramGram out of her seat, screaming “I don’t like this, don’t like.” Just walk away from this one.