Ol’ Dirty Bastard – “Dirty Dirty”

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ol dirty bastard

“Hate dog, ’cause I ate your cat/ And you can eat my a$$ and have a Coke with that/ Use a spoon, unless you want a fork/ Pull my d*ck out, watch the room get dark/ Stay high with the zombie walk/ Gotta sit my a$$ down, like Rosa Parks…”


These are the type of lyrics that made your parents give up on Hip-Hop. Besides being offensive, Rap can be downright confusing to some. Your parents most likely miss the opposite play on words of dog and cat, and go straight to wondering why anyone would eat another person’s cat, let alone eating someone’s rear end. Then ODB forces you to imagine a cartoonishly large “member” of his that can turn a room dark. I’m sure your grandparents wouldn’t appreciate that right after that image, Rosa Parks wanders into their mind and takes a seat. There must be an age when you lose a gland in your brain that excuses the absurd and transforms the confusion into appreciation. Heads up, most of your parents have reached that age.