nas_jayzIt’s not all about how a record plays on CD, but also how the artist makes the lyrics come alive while performing. In a world where most rappers are viewed as untouchable, it’s amusing to reflect on some moments that have made them seem a little bit more human.

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From when hip-hop emerged in the 70s up until now, celebrities have given us many moments to laugh about, cry about, or bulge our eyes in shock! We often reminisce saying “Man, I can’t believe he did that” or “What made him say that?” but at the end of it all, hip-hop wouldn’t be as powerful if it was oh-so-perfect. Every now and then mishaps occur, and memories are made, and when something happens– sometimes there’s a camera there to catch the action!

Whether it be an on-stage confessional affront a sold-out audience, a reconciliation or committing a felony in the sound booth that lands you on the front page of all gossip sites, it’s all entertaining.


Take a look at some of the most memorable moments artists have made on tour!

-A. Retina Stewart

Nas & Jay Z Reconcile on stage
Anxiety was at an all time high while fans waited to see whom Jay Z would declare war with. However, Jay Z surprised everyone by bringing out Nas. They two stood in their glory, soaking in the moment of partnership and went on to perform “Dead Presidents” and “The World Is Yours.”