sylr 7/29/13This week’s batch of local rappers are a bit odd, pun intended for one of them. They’re either presenting music that would go contrary to your assumption of a rising rapper in today’s pop culture circumstances or break any preconceptions you have about rappers, in general. But we like that. We like those who break expectations. Heck, that’s what made Unsigned Hype such a prestigious brand within The Source. These four rappers below may not fit the archetype of your favorite artists, but they’re definitely doing something right that’s pointing them in the right direction. Hopefully you can recognize that gift in each of them before it becomes the new mainstream wave.

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Attention all rappers: This weekly post is a call to arms-lyrical arms. If you do this thing called rap, these four projects are four slaps in the face punches to the throat. And no one just takes a punch to the throat without retaliation. Let’s see yours. And for those who were selected already, let’s see where you go from here. The Source is watching…

West: Earl SweatshirtEarl 2: The Road To Doris


Ever heard of OFWGKTA? Ever heard of Earl Sweatshirt? Oh yeah? What’s your favorite Earl track? … Don’t worry. DJ Lust & DJ Diggz put together a 32 track answer to all your questions related to the one “actually good” Odd Future rapper, according to everyone who pretends to know Hip-Hop. Don’t get it twisted. This kid has flows and wordplay that would make your favorite rapper blush. The project has old and new tracks to continue the hype surrounding his album, Doris.

Midwest: Lucki Eck$Alternative Trap

Alternative Trap is one of the more interesting projects that have come out of Chicago. While Lucki Eck$ fashions himself as a coke boy like many trap stars, he views his profession in a different light. Instead of the banging drums and 808’s or the loud triumphant horns usually associated with Trap music, Eck$ beats are more subdued and ethereal, harking back to early Clams Casino. This allows for more room for his introspective lyrics that reveal his insecurities and regrets he has with his lifestyle. He crafts an impressive piece with this mixtape, and we look forward to hearing more in the coming months.


South: Anti LillyMemoirs & The 90’s

The Houston emcee can tell stories in a captivating way, which is lost among many artists. The way he can casually go through a day of events (“A Million Stories”) as they occur make for the music video, without the actual visuals. Oh, and he rips apart one of the toughest samples/beats from the Wu-Tang. It’s also nice to see him go over a classic beat from a group representing his own hometown (“Staring At Candles”).

East: Bishop NehruStrictly Flowz

The Suburban Shogun hails from the mighty county of Rockland, which for those of you city dwellers is not upstate! There’s been this revival of jazzy samples in New York Hip-Hop and Bishop is here to lay strictly flows over a fresh mix of chilled out beats. This debut project is presented by Peter Rosenberg and DJ Semtex (UK), which ain’t too bad for his first at bat. He may remind you of Joey Bada$$ but I would bet this 16 year old may have a bigger following in due time.

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