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Carmelo Anthony gets player/GM role for 2015

According to Hoopsworld’s Steve Kyler, the Knicks are going to allow Carmelo Anthony to play Dwyane Wade in the 2015 season. Like Dwyane Wade did a few years ago when the Big Three assembled, Carmelo will now have the power to pick his teammates. This move is giving Carmelo some incentive to stay around following 2014 when his player option comes in to play.

Opposed to leaving the Knicks for another team, the Knicks are reportedly willing to let Carmelo choose his teammates in 2015. With the majority of the Knicks becoming free agents at the end of the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 seasons the Knicks will have money for ‘Melo to use.


This is very un-James Dolan like, but hey if it gets the Knicks a championship I don’t think anyone will be complaining in New York.

On another note as a fan of a franchise you never want to be thinking about next year before the season even started, but if true, Knicks fans should be excited about this. That is unless Carmelo’s possible team doesn’t work out.

Right now the 2015 free agent class is looking like this;
-Tony Parker
-LaMarcus Aldridge
-Andrew Bynum
-Marc Gasol
-DeAndre Jordan
-Zach Randolph
-Rajon Rondo

– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)

Source – Hoopsworld via B/R