We all know that the Young Money camp is some of the most baller rap artists on the planet. So what do they spend all that bread on? We thought we would take a look inside some of today’s biggest hip hop artists cribs and show you just how extravagantly they are living. From pools that you thought only existed in resorts to custom movie theaters that scream “I have too much money”. Come take a look as we go from room to room starting with Birdman’s $14.5 million dollar Miami Beach 19,000 square foot mansion. If you get lost in this crib you’ll have no problem finding a place to sleep as it boasts 9 bedrooms and if you really need to go to the bathroom, no problem there either because Birdman has 17 bathrooms to choose from….

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The Miami Beach home also has elevators throughout, two pools and a private deck leading to the bay.

As we continue on in our Young Money crib tour, we’ll show you inside Drakes California dream pad and Lil Waynes Miami getaway and tell you what amenities we all wish we had. Click through the images below to see what you should have chosen for a career and to see the other two rap giants mansions.


By Mark A. Macpherson

The entrance to Birdman’s Crib

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