rihanna bikini

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Rihanna’s got one of the hottest bods in the game. But how does she maintain?

This year, Victoria Secret crowned Rihanna, as having the sexiest ‘celebrity’ bikini body, at their annual “What Is Sexy?” Awards.


Now who in the world knows sexy better than that VS committee? Let’s be real.

Rih Rih didn’t need a crown for us to sweat her rockin body though. We’ve been enamored with it since she hit the scene.

I’m sure there’s no lady who wouldn’t mind looking like Rih. But the thought of what type of insane workout she puts herself through to look so damn good, is probably what keeps most sedentary.

For those of you feeling that way, I’ve got good news.

Contrary to what the less-informed on health and fitness may believe, the improvement of body composition is really 85% diet and 15% exercise. On any given day, you can wake up and run a marathon (that’s 26 flippin miles in case you were wondering), but if your breakfast, lunch, and dinner have too many carbs and too much fat, all that energy you exerted was essentially futile.

That said, we’ve found the simple yet effective daily diet plan of Little Miss Sunshine to share with you all. Rih Rih adheres to celebrity nutritionist Harley Pasternak‘s 5 Factor diet plan. The plan is broken down into 5 small meals (the snacks are eaten as two separate meals) that include just enough carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and fats for your daily intake. Sugar-free drinks are also crucial to the success of the 5 Factor diet plan. It goes as follows:


  1. Eggwhites
  2. Fresh pineapple
  3. Hot water and lemon


  1. Fish
  2. Potatoes


  1. Low carb snack bar
  2. Salted Crackers
  3. Grapes
  4. Raw nuts


  1. Fish 
  2. Mushroom omelette
  3. Green salad

But even the Barbadian beauty has her slip ups, admitting that sometimes she overdoes the carbs or eats two larger meals twice a day.

Luckily, Harley‘s meal plan does allow Rih a weekly cheat day, on which she can eat anything her heart desires. He explains,

“If you’re good all the time, you’re more likely to slip up and feel bad about your self. If you allow yourself to have a day to eat anything you like, you’ll stay on track the other six days. That’s the secret to a great body and it keeps Rihanna happy.”

Will you try Rih Rih’s diet plan??