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In a recent interview with WPEG Power 98 FM, T.I. got some heat off his chest and added his own two cents on the highly controversial Trayvon Martin case. In the interview with 98 FM, T.I. stated that he would have handled justice in his own way had Trayvon Martin been his son.

T.I. was quoted as saying “Man, it was some bullshit. My hat goes off to the Martin family, because if it was me and my child, it wouldn’t have been no trial. I’d have been on trial. It would’ve been the trial of the father who killed the man who killed [his child]. That would have been my story. My hat goes off because they are much more clear and level-headed thinkers than I. I definitely think something needs to be done, but it’s just another harsh reminder of the world that we live in.”


The subject is quickly changed as T.I. continues to talk about numerous topics including his new album Trouble Man II.

You can hear the entire interview below.

By Mark A. Macpherson