Last night, Stalley held a listening event at ALIFE for his upcoming project Honest Cowboy.

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The listening event came hours after he shared the artwork and tracklist via Instagram. The intimate event was equipped with an open bar, a live DJ, and a crowd shy of 100 people.

With a mic in hand, head down and often bobbing, the humble midwestern rapper stood on a couch and vibed out as each track spun. After all ten tracks played (including the last track “Gettin’ By” being played twice due to the crowd’s request), Stalley hopped down from the couch.


There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the Maybach Music artist. Although Stalley possesses the signature MMG heavy and rough sound, his purely amicable aura is undeniable. Without hesitation, he greeted every fan that approached him, including posing for pictures.

As for the music, on this upcoming project expect top-notch production, innovate sampling and notable features.

Be sure to cop Honest Cowboy on August 8, 2013.

-Akiyah Francis