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Justin Bieber has allegedly beat a man down, sending him to the hospital

Justin Bieber, is turning into a force to be reckoned with. According to TMZ,  Bieber has gotten into an altercation inside of a nightclub. An adoring fan tried to approach the “Boyfriend” singer while he was with his entourage, but it seems like Justin wasn’t in the mood for fans at the time. After being turned away, the female went and got her male savior to help salvage the situation.


Exchanging words with Bieber  over the situation, things got heated, and things went into the parking lot.

With Justin in the car and the guy standing outside, Justin allegedly hopped through the sun roof, and beat the kid down. Things didn’t go the way this random kid thought, as he ended up going to the hospital.

Hopefully this isn’t the start of Justin heading down the wrong path, like fellow stars are.

– Trey Turnbow(@treyanthony16)