Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently shared why he supports immigration reform.

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Yesterday night in San Francisco, 29-year-old billionaire and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, called for immigration reform in the United States.

He spoke before a crowd of attendees at the debut screening of “Documented” – a documentary by activist and former Washington Post reporter, Jose Antonio Vargas. Vargas (depicted in the below image) is a “citizen without papers” himself.  



Zuckerberg asserted that he’s not only supporting a change to American immigration policy to secure more visas for engineers at Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies, moreover, “it’s really important for the future of our country to do what’s right.”

It’s the first time that Zuckerberg has publicly voiced his opinion on the matter

But Zuckerberg isn’t just preaching about how he feels, he’s already taken action. He and former Harvard University roommate Joe Green recently founded an organization called Their mission is to advocate for a means to get citizenship for nearly 11 million immigrants illegally residing in the states.

Let’s see how the efforts of one of the most influential people in the world prevail.

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