Howard and Ghent

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Terrence Howard’s ex-wife filed a request for a restraining order against the actor today.

Michelle Ghent, Terrence Howard‘s ex-wife, alleges that the actor beat her during a fight that got physical while they were in Costa Rica last week.


Although the couple divorced in 2011, Ghent was apparently vacationing with Howard and his family.

Today, she showed up to court with a black-eye, demanding a restraining order against the actor.

See the photo below courtesy of TMZ: michelle ghent leaving court

Now if an angry ex-spouse (let alone woman) shows up to court looking like this who wouldn’t fulfill her wishes?

Well, her request was in fact granted, and now her ex-hubby is not even allowed to communicate with her – let alone be within 100 yards of her – pending another hearing later this month.

However, Howard’s story of the altercation is just a little different from that of his former spouse.

During the hearing, Howard claims that he never touched his ex-wife, and that she actually maced him as well as his daughter and another relative. Apparently, the black eye wasn’t even a topic of discussion.

His lawyer also brought up threatening text messages that Ghent allegedly sent to Howard back in May, alluding to killing him and his family. Ghent argued that they were being misinterpreted.

Howard also requested a restraining order against Ghent…to his dismay, it was denied.

We’ll keep you posted as the story unfolds. 

In the meantime, who’s side do you believe?