Big Sean not only puts his time into making music, but he’s also dedicated to reaching out to fans that have been riding with him since day one. Big Sean links with MTV News to surprise his biggest fan Christian from Staten Island, Ny.

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The G.O.O.D Music member spoke about how determined Christian was to reach out and contact his favorite rapper. In return, Big Sean let Christian and his family be the first to hear his upcoming album “Hall Of Fame,” before it’s release on August 27th.

“I just wanted to give him that experience,” said Sean. “I wish my favorite rapper would’ve come to my house and played their album for me. I just wanted to make that moment happen and make his family proud.”

After playing him the album, he asked for his opinion. “Honestly, music is a big part of my life. And I heard Yeezus, I heard Magna Carta, and J. Cole’s newalbum and this is honestly the best out of them,” said Christian. “And I’m not just saying that cause you’re right next to me.”

For the most part dreams may be fufilled with determination and in Christian’s case, dreams do come true. Take a look at the heart touching footage with MTV News belong and witness Big Sean appreciating his biggest fan.
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