Ransom Sway In The MorningSway brings up Ransom to hear his side of the story in regards to Nicki Minaj’s outburst as well as the validity behind the alleged ‘ghost-writing’ accusations.

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During Shade 45’s Sway In The Morning, host Sway Calloway linked with Ransom to bring him up for a sit-down to discuss the controversy between him and Nicki Minaj.

Ransom stated in a track that, in short, ghost-wrote for Nicki Minaj only to hope that she’d blow up. When a TMZ reporter brought this to Nicki’s attention a flip-out ensued along with name calling and cursing from Young Money’s first lady.


Ransom openly stated that Nicki wrote her own stuff but during the time of reciting a bar that stated:

Before Nicki was wearing those crazy wigs / I was doing verses for her just hoping she made it big.

“Doing verses,” doesn’t directly mean ghost-writing and could mean features along with other excuses or scenarios but now Ransom wants an apology and is unlikely willing to give one to Nicki.

We’ll see how this all turns out but watch the interview and let us know what you think.

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– John Weber (@JohnPaulWeber)