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The honest cowboy shared a couple interesting stories with Sway

Stalley‘s Honest Cowboy mixtape was released yesterday, after a couple solid leaks in past weeks, and this morning he sat down with Sway to touch on a couple experiences with people that have had an influence on him in the industry. Despite doing away with the foregone conclusion that he would sign with Curren$y‘s Jet Life Recordings label and inking a deal with MMG 3 years ago, Stalley re-iterates the fact that he and Spitta remain close, and he’s one of the few people he can trust in this industry.


The Ohio native also went on to share an interesting story of his cordial relationship with Drake pre-So Far Gone, as apparently there was a time when he went outside and snatched Drake & co. off the line for his birthday party at ALIFE. Ha.

-Khari Nixon (@KingVanGogh)