Today's Math
Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Wisdom all being Born to Understanding

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Wisdom all being Born to Understanding. Knowledge and Wisdom is the mathematical process of Knowing what you say is truthful and useful before it is said. Having the Knowledge of a said subject before speaking or acting upon it will bring forth Understanding, which is the clear picture drawn up in the mind from the Knowledge and Wisdom that one possesses.

The ability to put life’s circumstances in perspective and its proper order is essential in order to make sound decisions. This is the remedial meaning of Understanding. How you handle hiccups and impromptu interruptions in your daily life gives yourself and others a clear picture of who you are. Over the weekend, a rodeo clown in the Missouri State Fair wore a mask of President Obama while the announcer of the rodeo asked the crowd if they’d like to see Obama get run over by a bull. We have to salute the POTUS because he just brushes that racist filth off his shoulder and keeps it moving. The main reason why this disrespect continues is because Black people accept it as normalcy. Ask Paula Deen. Better yet, ask Sharpton. All of you lobster and shrimp lovers may want to find another scavenger delicacy to enjoy, with lobsters in the New England being infected with epizootic shell disease. If the mercury on the bottom of the sea floor isn’t enough to discourage you from eating it, the flesh eating bacteria that has massively infected the Massachusetts/Maine lobster population will. 2,000 years ago, the pharaoh of Egypt attempted to prevent a birth of a messiah by killing all the male children. Now, a judge in Tennessee is trying to play pharaoh by telling a young mother that she cannot name her son “Messiah”. Judge Lu Ann Ballew told Martin that she could not name her son Messiah Deshawn Martin because that was a title that could only be held by Jesus of the Bible. Good thing that this young queen was wise enough to not accept the judge’s ruling and appealed the naming of her Messiah. No one has the power to define us except us. Last but not least, keep your eyes in the skies tonight. No, not for a mystery God, but the meteor shower that will be visible tonight between midnight and sunrise. How it is above, so shall it be below.


Knowledge Wisdom simply means to put your thoughts, words, and deeds in its proper order so that an Understanding is gained of you as well as by you. When wisdom is put before Knowledge, a misunderstanding is produced because what is said or done is not based on Knowledge. Knowledge the Wisdom so that you and I(U-N-I) can Understand ourselves and each other. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@King