Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Understanding all being Born to Culture

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Peace to all! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Understanding all being Born to Culture. Knowledge Understanding means to observe all things with your 3rd eye in order to have a proper Understanding. Knowledge gives one a clear picture of all ways of life, however, coupled with Understanding, both principles gives one the ability to Master and live according to the Culture of the Original people, which is I-God. Once one is taught the Knowledge and Understanding of their true way of life, they will continue daily to teach their Culture and share the science of everything in life(Love, Peace, & Happiness) with everyone in their Cipher.

Today’s reality manifests the necessity to be able to complete a task or Cipher greater than it was started. Former heavyweight champ “Iron” Mike Tyson will still be seen in the boxing ring in the near future, this time as a boxing promoter and president of his promotion company Iron Mike Productions. Just to have the Brownsville, Brooklyn bully formerly known as “Big Ikey” capitalize off the same sport that many say has exploited the former champ is a positive way for him to escape the sad ending career that captured the likes of Floyd Patterson and Muhammad Ali. A baseball fan apologized today for throwing a banana on the field at Orioles outfielder Adam Jones during a game against the Giants in San Francisco. Even though it’s blatantly evident that the MLB organization is trying desperately to sweep this situation under the rug, Jones should be ashamed of himself for doing the same thing. The fact that Jackie Robinson went through this in the 1940s in Ebbets Field should be motivation for Jones to speak out against racism that has afflicted baseball since its creation in this country in 1891. To no surprise to most Black people, Paula Deen’s racism charges were dropped, even though she admitted to using racial slurs towards her employees and referencing Black people. To keep it simple, this is America. Do you expect anything different? Better yet, what are you going to do about it?


Knowledge Understanding shows the growth and development of the useful information that one acquires through study and experience. Both principles are one and the same only differing in levels of development, much like a father and son. One’s way of life is a learned behavior, however, being able to identify and direct one’s Original customs is paramount. Peace to all!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)