Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Culture all being Born to Power

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Culture all being Born to Power. To Know one’s Culture is to Know their contribution to society, thus giving one the Truth of their reality, which is Power. Power is the ability to influence change, so by Knowing the way of life of self and others, one has the Power to make that which is wrong right and exact. Power is the controlling force of energy in the Universe because everything is real.

The Planet Earth is covered in 3/4 water, however,  1/4 land is the solid foundation of Knowledge that is necessary to live out one’s Culture right and exact according to their true self. One of the most controversial herbs that comes naturally with the Earth, marijuana, still criminalizes a large portion of Original people, however, world famous madames like Heidi Fleiss aren’t subject to those ridiculous penalties. Authorities found the infamous Fleiss in possession of over 400  weed plants in Las Vegas yesterday, but the cops didnt arrest her or press charges because her exotic animal collection would have been a burden to animal control in Vegas. Pedaling prostitutes wasn’t enough to put her behind bars and it appears that pedaling pounds of buddha still isn’t enough. Congrats to Newark, NJ mayor Cory Booker for winning the Senate primary. If he wins, Booker will be the first Black Senator elected since Senator turned President Barack Obama. Shamefully, the Oxygen network just released the trailer for a forthcoming show, “Preachers Of L.A.”, which features four Black men of the cloth with churches in the City of Angels. With today’s clergymen so commonly caught up in sexual deviance, the show’s title should be called “Reverend’s Rehab”. Lastly, why is everyone so easily impressed by Kendrick Lamar’s verse on “Control”? Sorry to inform you new millennium rap fans, but that verse can only be classified as above average because KL said names. He did not “change the game” with a rhyme that repeated “nigga” four times. Too bad Kendrick Lamar’s verse got just as much of a reaction from the youth as the killing of Trayvon Martin.


The Knowledge of the Culture of Self and others give you Power because Now you know how to conduct yourself accordingly in a wise and righteous way. The Power is the Truth and if the Truth don’t stop you, nothing will. Peace to all!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)