Lil Wyte and JellyRoll have been in the Hip-Hop scene for some time now, and on July 16th both rappers decided to release a collaborative project entitled No Filter, which according to both artist was recorded in a matter of 7 days.The album boast production from DJ Paul, The Colleagues, Greenway, DJ Moneygreen, The Avengerz, Sonny Bama, Shapeshifta, and Ed Pryor.

We got a chance to chop it with the duo and speak on their current project No Filter, the pros and cons of reality TV, and the rise of their longtime friend Juicy J.

How’s the chemistry with you and Lil Wyte?

JellyRoll: I love working with Lil Wyte, he’s one of the funniest people I have ever met in my life, and great dude overall.

And what about you Lil Wyte? How is it working with JellyRoll?

Lil Wyte: He’s a good guy that stays motivating me to work harder.

How did you link up with Lil Wyte?

JellyRoll: Lil Wyte reached out to me in 09 when I first got out of prison. We clicked right away and from there he hooked me up with DJ Paul and Juicy J, after that it was just the trickle affect.

Why did you guys name the album, No Filter?

JellyRoll: Because we’re subject to say any f*cking thing…. [Laughs]

Lil Wyte: That’s right! Subject to say anything, No Filter [Laughs]

Jelly, whats been the best advice Lil Wyte has given you?

JellyRoll: Um…[Laughs] Lil Wyte is a bad influence! Nah, but on the real, he’s given me good advice and he’s a very positive guy.

How do you feel about the current solo success of Juicy J?

Lil Wyte: Am beyond proud. I’ve known Juicy since 01.’ He took his career to another level and it’s just crazy how you can reinvent your whole career and go ten times harder. Am very proud.

JellyRoll: I just want to say, I told him! I told him! I told him! I knew it the day we were in the studio and Juicy first started fucking with Wiz, this was three years ago, and now he’s the biggest rapper in the game. He just works hard, real hard!

How do you feel about rappers doing reality shows?

Lil Wyte: I don’t want to see too much personal life, I rather rappers do comedy shit instead of the serious love sh*t, f*ck all that! [Laughs]

Any chance that we can see you both doing reality TV in the near future?

Lil Wyte: Oh yeah, me and Jelly have been talking about that for a while now, so you never know…

JellyRoll: [Laughs] Am actually not allowed to talk about reality TV, but best believe something big is in the works.

What advice would you have for up and coming rappers?

Lil Wyte: It takes real hard work, I’ve been in this 10 years, so my advice would be not to give up.

JellyRoll: Stop it! [Laughs] Nah, but on some real sh*t I would say go to college and be a better person. This game is crazy.

Matia Pebbles