Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Power all being Born to Equality

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Power all being Born to Equality. Knowing how to influence change is the principle objective of today’s reality and having the ability to translate that Knowledge to any and all who need it is the ultimate goal. Knowledge means to know and Power is the ability to influence change, so while some may say that Knowledge is Power, however, Knowing how to use the Knowledge in all circumstances is the real proof of its Power. Equality is the state or quality of being Equal, so the Power of the Knowledge is the same among all who use it properly.

Being aware of one’s strengths gives the person the ability  to share that expertise wit the world. It also gives others the opportunity to learn the skill or at least what not to do because they know the Truth about the said ability. Jesse Jackson Jr. was sentenced yesterday to 30 months in federal prison while his wife was sentenced to one year for misappropriating campaign funds for their own personal use. This is nothing new for politicians, who are known for using the money of their constituents for heir own personal use, so why is Jesse Jr. being given so much fed time? Because he’s the son of Messy Jesse! Jesse Sr. still represents the Alex if Black leadership in America and to ruin his family name even more than it already has is only a means to forcefully relinquish the Jackson power in the community. Russell Simmons is another powerful individual who’s reputation is being destroyed by the activities and movements he’s aligned himself with. This time, Hip Hop’s favorite uncle allowed a “Harriet Tubman sex tape” to be published on his new YouTube channel, All Def Digital. The video implied that the champion for freedom was only able to free slaves by sleeping with slave masters and blackmailing then in order to release their captives. Simmons even tweeted that it was the funniest thing he’s ever seen. This is an embarrassment and should serve as a lesson as to who we recognize as leaders within our community.


Knowledge Power simply means to Know your Power and your influence among the people who are around and even the ones you don’t see. This helps us to see the strength in unity and the importance of this solidarity had never been recognized as much as it is today. Peace to all!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)