“Hey, yo, Kendrick, good lookin’ on that Summer Jam but you ain’t the King of SH-T.”

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No one saw a diss record coming from Papoose, especially after Kendrick Lamar made it possible for him to grace this year’s Summer Jam stage.


But it seems like K. Dot’s “Control” verse got every rapper heading to the studio. Brooklyn’s own Joell Ortiz was the first to respond. While King Los, Cassidy and a few others also replied, now we get Papoose, who raps:

“Tell Kendrick and TDE they need to lay off the PCP

Far from the king, this is the city of BDP

You’ll never be a real West Coast artist like Eazy E

You f-cking joke, we laughing at you like hehehe…”

Towards the end, he name drops a few more artists with: “Kendrick, Kanye, and Drake, they act feminine/Wear a lot of clothes you usually see women in.”