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“Others are Kings,but I am Teacher”

Last night at a sold out SOB’s in New York, one the most iconic figures in Hip-Hop history blessed the stage with his presence. KRS-One, or as others may know as The Teacha or The Blastmaster performed last night all his classic records from those early BDP days all the way to his most recent project, Never Forget.


The night kicked off with Hakim Green from Channel Live kicking some bars off the top his head for the NY crowd. Shortly after Hakim, the Piecemaker Tony Touch got on stage to take over the one’s and two’s and perform as well. Tony promoted his latest album PieceMaker 3, which is available now, and he brought on stage with him Brooklyn MC D-Stroy, who had the crowd reminiscing about the good old days of Hip-Hop.

At around 10:15 PM, the place lit up once KRS-One came from the outside doors of SOB’s and made his way to the stage. The Blastmaster kicked things off with a freestyle and then would get into some of his classic records like South Bronx, MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know, Sound of Da Police and other hits. As Kris would perform these songs the crowd would rap along with him word by word of each song and feed off his positive energy.

KRS-One would then freestyle about anything that was going on in the venue and with those rhymes Kris would drop some gems about freedom, corporate America, the youth and the current state of Hip-Hop. One of the things that Kris emphasized the most was about freedom and not having to respond to a person above him. Kris would raise self-awarness with quotes like “The mastery of one thing, can lead to all things,” and he would also perform songs from his latest project Never Forget.

The Blastmaster would close out his set with some more old school hits and thank the New York crowd for their support of him as an artist and the support of keeping Hip-Hop alive for 40 years strong. If you have yet to see The Teacha perform, I suggest you do! No MC new or old, will give you a Hip-Hop show like KRS-One. And remember Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody!

Roger Krastz @walldoe
Photo Credit: Retina Stewart @rzygi

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