Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Equality all being Born to God

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Peace to all! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Equality all being Born to God. To have the Knowledge of the state of homeostasis of any given Cipher is the Wisdom and Power of the true and living God, who is the Original Man. Equality is the natural balance of all elements that exist within any person, place, or thing. Only one who possesses Good Orderly Direction has the Knowledge of how to bring this quality of being Equal into existence anywhere at any time.

What is necessary to put the world and its occupants at peace and in their natural order? Why is there so much chaos and confusion around the globe? In Egypt, which can easily be recognized as the cradle of civilization is in an extremely delicate, yet volatile state, with anarchy as the current rule of thumb. 17 people died in the streets last night in the area of Africa once known as Kemet, however, with the country’s majority in favor of overthrowing Morsi, it’s current leader, those perilous statistics are guaranteed to rise. The racists and classists of America are driving this country towards the same fate, magnifying conflicts between races and people of varying economic statuses. The worst enemy is one with nothing to lose and nobody fits that description in this country more than the Black family. People who are so poor that they need food stamps to eat are now met with strong opposition from the “haves” about what kind of food they should be allowed to buy. In other words, well to do people feel if you need assistance to eat, beans and rice should suffice. There is a discussion in Congress to further regulate the buying power of food stamps, however, in some hoods, food stamps are illegally traded for cash. As the old saying goes, if you sleep on the floor, you can’t fall out of bed. A Supreme Friday shout out goes to Sharon Snyder, the court clerk who helped a Black man exonerate himself with DNA evidence at the cost of her job. Snyder was fired after helping Robert Nelson and his family file for a DNA hearing in Kansas City, which set Nelson free on rape charges from 1984. As it must be said, this isn’t about being anti-white. It’s about being anti-wrong.


Knowledge Equality simply means to acknowledge the limitations and shortcomings of others and sharing the Knowledge Equally, helping others strengthen weaknesses, as a chain is as strong as its weakest link. When all have strength in their own lane, that’s when you see the reality of Good Orderly Direction. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)