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Just when you thought you had the free will to post on social media…

NYPD seized hundreds of firearms claiming it as the biggest bust due to Instagram.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced today that undercover cops seized a large amount of assault weapons including machine guns, rifles and hand guns.

A joint sting between the NYPD, Manhattan Disrict Attorney’s Office and office of Special Narcotics Prosecutor netted 19 members of a gun-trafficking ring that stretched all the way down to the Carolinas, according to the mayor. Half of the weapons came from those Southern states, he said.

“There is no doubt that the seizure of these guns — the largest bust in the city’s history — has saved lives,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a press conference at NYPD headquarters Monday morning. “For that reason, every New Yorker in every part of our city, owes a debt of thanks to all those involved in this investigation.”

Investigators noted that the firearms came from North Carolina and South Carolina. The gunrunners were able to sell the firearms to undercover cops which was soon sent to Brooklyn.

Evidence came from a rapper’s photos of guns and cash on Instagram and YouTube. The rapper was located in a recording studio above a Bed-Stuy restaurant when he posted the images. The bust accumilated 254 firearms.

Sheesh this should be a lesson to all social media users, be careful what you post, the feds are always watching.

-Pinky (@pinky_mccoy)