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Benches clear after Dempster intentionally hits Alex Rodriguez

I believe they saying goes “he who laughs last, laughs the longest” and boy did Alex Rodriguez laugh long. Last night the Yankees were looking to take two games up in Boston against the Red Sox. A rivalry that has been a shell of its former self got a little interesting in the second inning.

By now the majority of MLB players are not a fan of Alex Rodriguez so Ryan Dempster thought he should let Rodriguez know how he felt about this PED thing as well. On the first pitch Dempster threw the ball behind Rodriguez to send a message, 2 balls later with the count 3-0 Dempster deliberately hit him on the fourth pitch.


Yankees Manager Joe Girardi ran out of the dugout to argue why Dempster wasn’t ejected. Girardi in turn was ejected as both benches were given warnings.

A little later in the game Rodriguez got his revenge on Dempster. In the top of the 6th Rodriguez blasted a pitch by Dempster to straight away center for a home run. Good to see A-Rod showing some emotion while rounding the bases.

After the game Rodriguez had this to say about getting hit by Dempster; “Whether you like me or hate me, that was wrong. It was unprofessional and silly.”

– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)