Today's Math
Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Born all being Born to Knowledge add a Cipher which Born Knowledge

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Peace to all! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Born all being Born to Knowledge add a Cipher, which Born Knowledge. This basically means to take the useful facts that you have gained and make it available to those around you. Once this is done, your reward is knowing that the Knowledge you possess is useful to yourself and others.

When you know better, you do better and it’s evident that Knowledge is an imperative, especially among those who the general public recognize as “successful”. Even though Hip Hop mogul and philanthropist Russell Simmons aka Uncle Ruckus gave an apology for the sickening Harriet Tubman sex tape that aired on his All Def Digital website, what type of mentality doesn’t see that as wrong in all aspects in the first place? Not only was this a reminder of how ignorant even some of the most celebrated of us are about our history in his country, but how little consideration and appreciation we as a culture have for Black women. When it comes to white women, their lives, honor, and legacy are protected even when the Truth reveals the taint on the legacy. New allegations about British commandos killing Princess Diana have surfaced again after the birth her grandson via her son William. It was reported that when Diana died in a car crash back in 1997, it was caused by a paparazzi blitz, however, it is once again being alleged that the British princess was killed alongside her undercover Saudi Arabian  beau because of infidelity. The rest of the world may fear Muslims, but Diana certainly didn’t, which would’ve created a problem in convincing the public that the Islamic world is dangerous. Ever since Kendrick unloaded on the entire Hip Hop community, the shift of attention is returning back to bars and Loaded Lux is swinging for the fence. The famed battle emcee made it known that he’s like to go rhyme for rhyme with Eminem. No shade(or pun) intended, however, Em is the Larry Bird of the industry, but if he tries to take his game to the playground, he just might get embarrassed.


Knowledge Born simply means to tell the Truth and shame the devil so that the mentally dead can be resurrected from their state of unawareness of themselves. The resurrection is the reward and a penalty to those who challenge Truth and righteousness. Knowledge to Born is equal to the adage “from the womb to the tomb” and to bring the dead back to life is the objective of making Knowledge Born. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)