The Mob took it to Hot 97 to celebrate “Trap Lord,” talk Kendrick, and  treat us to a freestyle session.  

Last night, A$AP Mob celebrated the release of A$AP Ferg‘s debut album, Trap Lord, and what other way to do it than with Funk Flex over Hot 97 airwaves?

During their stay at the station, the set from Harlem shared their two cents on Kendrick‘s impressive, week-old-but-still-relevant “Control” verse, and then cracked the mic for a live, 16 minute freestyle session. A$AP Rocky was first up to spit, and made sure to continue the Kendrick discussion within his rhymes:

Kendrick that’s my n*gga, he spit it don’t get it twisted,
B*tch n*ggas wasn’t even mention got offended
Feel like it’s good for some friendly competition
Ain’t notbody pushed the enveolpe and limits to a minute
But you know I’m puttin pressure on you bitches, Kings to the lords and I’m fresher than the princes

A$AP Ferg, Nast, TwelvyAnt and Flacko tagged team the mics for the rest of the freestyle. Hit the jumps to peep the mob’s session that ensued, and go cop that Ferg‘s RCA-presented Trap Lord here.


Freestyle Part 1

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  1. L_sander

    Ferg taking some slick shots at Kendrick on this one.. They all did their thing