Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Cipher all being Born to Wisdom

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Cipher all being Born to Wisdom. This is the intelligent, mental and physical   manifestation of one’s Knowledge within any said person, place, or thing(Cipher). The Wise words, ways, and actions of a Cipher show and prove the Truth and reality of its existence. When one’s Wisdom is added to a Cipher, it absorbed into the recipient’s awareness, bringing about a “Wise-Dome” that will only only reciprocate the Truth that was added to it.

The objective of Wisdom Cipher is to show what you Know that can add on to any given situation. Sometimes, leading by example shows Wise people exactly what not to do.  After over 1,000 deaths in the streets of Alexandria, Egypt, US has denied aid to the war torn country until the violence ends. In that historic nation’s time of obvious need, America must offer something else beneficial to Egypt besides “military assistance”. A federal judge in San Francisco has approved force feeding inmates in the California prison hunger strike that has reached its seventh week. The pivotal aspect of this update is that it’s reportedly the most dangerous inmates who are housed in segregation that are leading the way in this globally recognized human rights protest. Anyone who has seen rapper Mos Def endure two minutes of the cruel force feeding procedure can see that force feeding inmates can be more violent that prison officials are claiming that the prisoners are. This week, the college campuses will be filling up with returning students as well as first time freshmen who will be on their own for the first time in their lives. Education is key, however, the most important subject one can learn about is themselves.


In the words of legendary urban poet Jay-Z, “I’ll show you how to do this son!” Wisdom Cipher is the helpful influence that exists within every circumstance we encounter in life. The most important influence that will ever exist in the Universe is the Truth because everything is real and like “The Man” says, “If the truth don’t stop them, nothing will!” Peace to all!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)