Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Knowledge all being Born to Understanding

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Knowledge all being Born to Understanding. With the fact that Knowledge precedes Wisdom, a spectrum shift must take place or a misunderstanding will be the by-product. Without a strong foundation of Knowledge, words, ways and actions of those who are not wise enough to do the Knowledge before they speak or act never receive the blessing of Understanding, which is to see things with insight instead of eyesight. Showing and being able to prove what you Know is exact, helps others see the righteousness one’s mind, making one’s Understanding Understood.

When you don’t address a situation mentally before acting on it, dire consequences are almost guaranteed. It will produce something as mild as a mere misunderstanding to soemthing as serious as death. A Decatur Ga. elementary school experienced a shooting yesterday which fortunately didn’t end like the others that have occurred over the years across the country. Everyone escaped unharmed because of brave school worker Antoinette Tuff, who was able to talk down the gunman who eventually gave up. With children now returning to classrooms this fall, a newfound method of security will be necessary in order for parents to not experience the same horrors as the parents of the victims of Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech. The question is how did this guy armed with an AK-47 and shoot at police officers and make it out alive? He has the complexion for the protection, that’s how. No wonder homeschooling numbers are rising faster than ever. Yeezus was offered a chance to be the cynic judge that he is on the next season of “American Idol”, however, the super producer turned pop star turned it down. Can anyone picture how impatient Kanye will get with amateur artists? Would’ve made great entertainment though. Bradley Manning, the gay army private who leaked hundreds of thousands of documents via WikiLeaks that detailed American military policies that showed the dark side of the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, is due in a Maryland court today for sentencing. Anti-war advocates may have his back, which still isn’t keeping a judge from considering hitting Manning with 60 years in the slammer. Let’s see who’s willing to take his place in that cell for the cause. Roy Middleton gave an honest assessment of his encounter with Pensacola, Florida police who shot the elderly man in his own driveway. When asked how does he feel now by a CNN correspondent, he sharply replied, “How would anybody feel getting shot?” The question that any Original person would ask is why do these tragic “accidents” only happen to Black and brown people?


Just as the body must yield to the mind, one’s words, ways, and actions(Wisdom) must yield to what is Known. Man is symbolic to Knowledge, as he is the foundation of his family and the Original Man is the foundation to all that is found in the Universe. It’s a must that you ‘Know’ before you ‘do’. Peace to all!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)