I know I spit advanced, right?/ That’s why my advance right/ I’m killing any rapper that stand with a pen and mic…

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bishop nehruI hope you’re not one of those people that think kids out in the suburbs aren’t supposed to rap because you may get embarrassed by the Suburban Shogun, Bishop Nehru. We have one of the first exclusive interviews with the emcee fresh off his European tour with Wu-Tang Clan. He was kind enough to let us into his backyard and give us some details on his crew, future work (one of which will see a rare collaboration with DOOM), the extravagant “Appalled” music video, the precocious evolution of his style, and more. But of course, he also set the record straight regarding the now overhyped Kendrick verse on Big Sean’s “Control.”**

Don’t forget to catch the bonus ending at the end with a freestyle described as “hot fire” from your favorite rapper’s ghostwriter. And if you haven’t already check out his Strictly Flowz mixtape, hosted by DJ Semtex and Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97. And you can catch him live, opening up for Kendrick Lamar in Brooklyn on September 10th. Buy tickets here.


**By the way guys and girls, that quote above in italics was from November of last year. Last. Year.

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)
Video Credit: Jonathan Smith (@muthaeffin)