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Technology has made it easier to step out on your significant other from your pocket but technology has now backfired on those who practice infidelity. In Brazil women were spying on they boo with the Rastreador de Namorados app, Portuguese for Boyfriend Tracker.

The app was a digital private eye, it sent tracking updates of their partner’s location and forwarded text message traffic. But it gets even scarier, the app also allowed you to have your partner silently call your phone so you could listen to conversations without their knowledge. Of course in order to take advantage of the app you will need to get a hold of your suspicious spouse phone to install the app. The free version displays an icon on the targeted phone, while the paid version will hide the icon for $2 a month. Even though the app website marketed the app social and recreational use there is nothing fun thinking your other half is cheating on you.


The Boyfriend Tracker was available in the Google Play Store in Brazil but the privacy concerns clearly caused an outrage. After numerous complaints Google removed the app but it is still available for download directly from the developers website.

Does it make sense being with someone you need to spy on? This Boyfriend Tracker is just one of many if they grow in popularity do you think it will cause cheaters to think twice about getting a side joint?

-Andrew Ashe

Source: NY Daily News