194918315,CA9757F7B9D3FCB655DScene Magazine celebrated their Legendary cover with an intimate concert featuring cover star John Legend who is set to release his new studio album “Love In The Future,” next Tuesday, September 3rd. Legend has already created great buzz for his new project with his first three singles “”Who Do We Think We Are,” “Made to Love” and “All of Me.”  Swizz Beatz, DJ D Nice, Alicia Keys, Chrissy Teigen, Dave Tozer, Chris DelGatto, Estelle, Gary Fletcher, Marjorie, Gubelmann, Gayle King, Scott Lipps, Sean MacPherson, Ryan McGinness, Mark McNairy, Nana Meriwether, Tom Reiss, Desmon Richardson, Peggy Siegal, and Veronica Webb were all in attendance at the concert event hosted by Grey Goose at The Box NYC.

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Legend hit the stage around 9pm and then rocked out for over an hour. He kicked off the night by professing, “People keep asking me if I’m nervous about getting married, I’m more nervous about the reception of my new album; I’m excited and nervous at the same time, so bear with me.” We all gave into his demand and the now 34 year old artist took us into his world. Performing both hits and enchanting new tracks off of his forthcoming record. John, who has always been a class act, did not disappoint.


The new album executive produced by Kanye West and Dave Tozer, who was on hand, told The Source to “Get ready for an intimate performance of songs from the new album.”

The night started off with a new brand new track, “The Beginning…” The second song he performed was another new joint called “Open Your Eyes” originally performed by Bobby Caldwell and made popular by Common. Legend then gushed that he had indeed wrote a few songs on the album about his fiancée Chrissy Teigen. He went on to perform others such as “Made To Love,” which he described as spiritual and very sexual, and then another new track “Save the Night.” The next track “Caught Up” was the first song that was written for the album and was recorded at the Mercer Hotel in NYC where he collaborated with producers Hit-Boy, Kanye West and Dave Tozer. Legend also mentioned that the track helped set the tone for the entire album.

He then took us back with what John called a wedding song, fan favorite “Stay With You,” a moment that seemed like a wake up call when he reminded the audience that he’d written the track in 2001 and went on to say “Damn, I’m old”. Shortly after, John showed us all just how kind he really is and why his fiancee chose such a great man, when one lucky concert attendee named Emily, yelled out that it was her birthday and scored a special birthday ballad from Legend on the spot!

“Each Day Gets Better” was the next hit he blessed the crowd with and then followed up with another new joint, “You & I (Nobody In The World),” my personal favorite from the evening, mostly because of the lyrics, which spoke to the little girl in every woman in the room with lines like “Out of all the girls, You’re my one and only girl.”

Next up was “All of Me.” John explained it was inspired by him being in love and hosted lyrics such as, “All your perfect imperfections,” “You’re my end and my beginning” and “I give you all of me, you give me all of you,” put the entire room under a love spell.

To close out the night, he sang his classic, “Ordinary People” and shared a story with us, one he believed that most people didn’t know, which was that “Ordinary People,” was originally written as a chorus on a hip-hop track for “The Black Eyed Peas”.

“Will and I wrote it together” he said, “and the more I listened to it, the more I fell in love with it to the point that I told Will, you got to let me keep this.” He eventually sold Will on the idea that he’d let him produce the record in exchange for him letting him keep the song for himself. And so it was. He closed the evening by sharing a truth with us, “A lot of great songs happen as accident, I get to go to work and discover something new everyday.”

During the show, guests enjoyed GREY GOOSE cocktails and GREY GOOSE bottle service. Our favorite cocktails were GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir, Cherry Limeade and the GREY GOOSE French Gimlet.

John approached the night like an old friend, sharing something very special and everyone in the room felt it.

-Chasity Saunders (@ItsMeChasity)