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Let’s Call It A Movement is a weekly column, where we highlight a different hip-hop crew, from various regions. The previous two incarnations of this piece focused on two groups that were located in one specific city or state. HBK hailed from the Bay Area, while World’s Fair calls Queens, New York, home. This isn’t too unusual, normally for a group to gain enough momentum to have both an influence and ability to break into the mainstream, they need to be near each other and have a reliable fan base. Requiring the collective to be from the same hometown, where friends and family—a.k.a. the most loyal fans—are easily accessible. Even more obvious of a reason, is that groups are normally friends first, and just happen to live near each other.

However, this week we have a special case. Alive Since Forever, is a group that breaks from that tradition. This squad has members from all over the country, from Miami, Florida, to East Hartford, Connecticut. Keeping this collection of rappers and producers together is a tough task, but it becomes even more impressive when you realize that there are over thirty members under their ASF flag.


This group has taken the Do It Yourself mentality to new heights. While majority of the crew is comprised of emcees and producers, the group has in-house designers, engineers, videographers, and management. Rarely do you a see an assemblage of so many different creative people all using their talents for one common goal. It’s impressive and admirable to say the least.

Previously I noted that Alive Since Forever claims thirty plus members that’s pretty huge. In order to keep this piece from turning into a novel, I will only highlight few of the key members. Focusing on six emcees, as well as, some producers will provide you with a lot of new music to keep you satisfied until next week.

So without further ado, let’s begin our tour through ASF’s music.

Jimi (@Nativejimi)


  • John says:

    Nice writeup/column

  • Ice Cream Chris says:

    I’ve personally seen ASF at work; and when they get together, it’s tremendous. Their work ethic, effort, and group dynamic is phenomenal. I personally wish them the best in all their future endeavors.