Today's Math
Today’s Mathematics is Understanding Cipher all being Born to Understanding

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Understanding Cipher all being Born to Understanding. When one has a perfectly clear mental picture of any person, place, or thing, they have the Understanding of the Cipher. The clear picture that one draws up in their 3rd eye through Knowledge and Wisdom is the ability to see with insight as well as eyesight. One’s eyes can be deceived when they don’t have a clear Understanding of themselves nor the Cipher in which they exist.

At this week’s end and approaching the forthcoming Labor Day weekend, today’s reality implores that all three eyes must be kept open for the welfare of the children. Adults can only give children suggestive advice and historical reference. Guidance is not needed, especially when the previous generation as a whole failed in giving direction or even setting a proper example for today’s youth. Who is really to blame for children like De’Marquise Elkins, one of the youngsters accused of killing a 13 month old toddler in Georgia earlier this year? It’s proposed that it’s the violent gang culture of Black males in America, however, where are these young impressionable minds viewing this as normalcy? When this case enters into jury deliberation, which could begin as early as today, those boys will be portrayed and judged as irreformable savages, however, the shooter in the school scare in Georgia last week was sort of justified by media because he was off his psychiatric medication. Understand that Cipher and how it was made to be viewed as normal. In the meantime, the parents of 1 year old Shylin Olanda Neal are experiencing the next worse thin than losing a child to death, with their baby girl being snatched from a grocery store parking lot this morning in High Point, North Carolina. An Amber Alert has been issued to all law enforcement in the country, so all concerned citizens need to keep all eyes peeled for this child until her safe return home. The Annual West Indian Day Parade aka ‘Jouvert’ will be going on all weekend in Brooklyn, so with millions of people in attendance, there’s always a possibility of violence. As always, there will be scores of unsupervised children in the streets of Crown Heights, Flatbush, and Bed- Stuy, however, it’s a must that a curfew is suggested or given to avoid any regrettable situations with law enforcement. Let’s just have a Labor Day weekend where nobody dies.


To have Understanding of the Cipher is to know what and how everything is made. In order for that to be, your Knowledge must be accurate so that your mental and physical Power is seen and heard in every aspect of your life. That is how you make your Understanding Understood so that you may deal in Equality with all human families of the Planet Earth! Peace to all!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)