ydb_taniquaTime to return to the Brooklyn Zoo

The Wu-Tang Clan needs no introduction. As one of the most prolific Hip-Hop groups, each of its members developed complex personas and have had successful careers on their own. One of the most visible and polarizing members, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, did not have the chance to expand his discography like the others. But his legacy lives on from his limited recordings and his children.

In two ultra rare interview, we sat down with Young Dirty Bastard aka Boy Jones and his manager/sister, Taniqua Jones. YDB gives us his thoughts on seeing his father hit the stage at Rock The Bells this year as a “virtual simulation,” learning from the “masters” in the Wu-Tang Clan, how Elvis got his claim to fame, and more. On the next page, Taniqua tells us about the old days watching kung fu flicks inside the Wu mansion, learning about her father’s impact on Hip-Hop, and one memory of him that she probably will never forget.

More than anything, Hip-Hop artists are people too with families and dreams. YDB and Taniqua are living testaments that for every side the public media portrays of an artist, that artist still has 50 others ones that you may never have guessed existed.

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)