Today’s Mathematics is Understanding

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Understanding. Understanding is clear comprehension which is drawn up through the Knowledge and Wisdom that one has acquired and is perfectly Understood when seen through the third eye, otherwise known as the mind. Understanding is the best part because it allows you to see things for what they actually are instead of what they just appear or present themselves to be. Understanding also represents one’s direction because it allows one to See what the future holds.

Whenever the day’s reality deals with Understanding, it is imperative that we recognize what it is that is affecting or has affected the children. This so-called holiday weekend will forever be remembered in Brownsville, Brooklyn because this is where 1 year old Antiq Hennis was shot in head and killed as he sat in his stroller on Bristol Street in Marcus Garvey Village. His father Anthony Hennis was the intended target of the fatal bullet that mortally wounded his son, however, he escaped with his life while his baby barely had the opportunity to experience life. Even when some of us are destined to the street life and claim the “product of the environment” excuse, it’s incumbent that our children are not subjected and forced into that same date before they even have the chance to make the choice. R.I.P. Antiq.


Understanding is simply insight. This is what is meant when someone asks, “Do you see what I’m saying?” In order to really open that third eye and See the reality of Self and other Ciphers around us, the Knowledge and Wisdom of the said Cipher are prerequisites. Seeing things for what they are and not what they seem is the key principle in Understanding. Peace to all!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)