Today’s Mathematics is Culture

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Culture. One’s Culture is the way that they conduct their lives on an everyday basis and every aspect of it is a reflection of one’s way of life. The Culture of the Original Man is I-God, which gives the Original Family the Freedom to live a righteous way of life in accordance with the natural law and order of the Universe. That law that is authored by Allah God is known as Supreme Mathematics.

With the population calculated in the billions on the Planet Earth, the customs and ways of people that are unfamiliar to us may be shocking to some, yet the unwavering norm among those who share the same or similar Culture. The majority of the American population is in awe of the sudden suicide of Ariel Castro, the man who was just sentenced to life plus 1,000 years for kidnapping and torturing three women in his home in Cleveland, Ohio. According to reports, Castro fathered two of the women’s children whom he kept in captivity with chains and shackles. Does that sound familiar? So then why is everyone acting as if this is unheard of behavior in this country? The fact that he took his own life just weeks into his sentence proves once again the ineffectiveness of the justice system and the perpetuation of never ending violence. The stabbing in a Houston high school this morning just shows that the violent climate that this country was founded on has seeped into the next generation. Teen pop star Justin Beiber has set the bar of what happens when keeping it real goes wrong. In the singer’s latest offering, “What She Wants”, Beiber croons, “She wants me to be her n***a..”. Every aspect of Hip Hop culture has been diluted, mixed, and tampered with, so for the Tiger Beat teen to use one of the most criticized words in The English language in order to sound more “authentic”, just shows that his creativity is at an all time low. As for our country heading for imminent war with another Middle Eastern nation, it must be admitted that America is the big, stumbling, drunken bully of the globe. When has America not been at war? No wonder all types of beef from Facebook to rap battles get the most attention here.


Culture is simply one’s daily operation. Your way of life should not restrict you from doing things that you want to, only things that you shouldn’t be doing in the first place. It’s as simple as that. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)