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Today’s Mathematics is Born

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Born, which means to bring into existence a reality that originated in thought. Born means to be birthed through the womb of Wisdom, which is the tangibility of one’s intelligence, proving that the Knowledge one possesses is right and exact. In order to bring something(or someone) into existence, the most important aspect is to first Know how to Build.

It has become an unnatural phenomenon of humans to reject the realities that they are forced to face on a daily basis. It is a harsh reality that blackface will forever be a blemish on the face of American entertainment history, however, when supermodel Tyra Banks donned “whiteface” in an attempt to emulate some of the modeling world’s top runway strutters, it only resurrected cries of a color caste system used to demean Original people. Some would like to believe that we live in a society of colorblindness, however, even the beautiful Ms. Banks herself would have to admit that the white skin vs. light skin vs. dark skin competition never ended. One dark skinned brother that is making a much needed comeback is the illustrious Arsenio Hall, whose “Arsenio Hall Show” is scheduled to return to CBS tonight. As the very first Black man with a syndicated late night talk show, Hall broke barriers in entertainment that made his success a prototype for those who followed his lead. In the 90s, you weren’t considered a hot artist unless you were on Arsenio. Just listen to how many times ATCQ name dropped him on their five mic classic “Low End Theory”. The reality is that America wasn’t ready for a late night talk show by Black people for everyone. And one of us has to reel DMX back into reality. The troubled star was caught on video this weekend running naked through a hotel in Detroit. Why X? He told TMZ he “felt like it”. Sad to say, but drugs have a large number of our population in the same state of mind.


Born simply means to make things happen. As it’s said in the streets, “I can show you better than I can tell you.”Once we establish and control our innate abilities to create, we will see the reality of our thoughts. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)