Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 4.41.15 PMCertain rapper’s have claimed to be “chefs” and “cooks” all throughout their music. However, only a select few can handle the heat in the kitchen for real.

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While 2 Chainz hasn’t yet stepped in a kitchen to show us his culinary skills, one can imply by the cook book he released in tandem with his album B.O.A.T.S II: Me Time that his passion for food exists. The book is titled “Meal Time” and is presented by himself and Chef Aleem. It shows us several recipes and gives readers insightful tips such as “if wearing a four-finger ring, carefully place it on the side table before starting to cook.” While 2 Chainz instructs us through words, some rappers are really throwing down and providing their audience with visual content of them making culinary classics in real kitchens.

Like cooking itself, this allows us to take a closer look at how personal and passionate these guys are to food. Enjoy the next series of videos but be warned, you may find yourself becoming extremely hungry watching these. Who would have thought you could potentially have a rapper preparing a decent meal.


-Wemerson Oliveira

Snoop Dogg

With Snoop Dogg’s love for food and Martha Stewart’s track record, it was no surprise when these two teamed up to make some Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, hold the white pepper.

To satisfy your sweet tooth watch Snoop and Martha make brownies with plenty of reference to Snoop’s secret “green” ingredient.