twerkfail Jimmy Kimmel lands the first interview with the world’s most talked about twerker

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Garnering over 9 million views in less than a week, our favorite  girl whose living room booty bounce caught her up in flames might be considered some sort of a YouTube sensation.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the funnyman announced that the girl whose self-recorded twerk video went viral would be breaking her silence on her story live on his very own show.


He began his dialogue with the seemingly shy girl (who was “skyping from Kansas”) by asking about how her pants were, and what her incentive for uploading the humiliating footage really was. He then commented on the abrupt ending of the clip…asking if she was ready to reveal the full version.




We believed it too! And so did tons of media outlets including a plethora of national news stations, The View, Today, among others. Kimmel‘s team compiled plenty of clips that demonstrated just how gullible we all actually were. It turns out, the young lady who had us laughing is actually a stunt double who Jimmy convinced to participate in the prank, and swore to secrecy. He laughed at all the outlets who were blaming Miley for the epic twerk fail caught on camera.

Either way, good one Jimmy.

Thanks for reminding us to believe only half of what we see, and none of what we hear.


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