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Troy Ave heard Kendrick Lamar’s infamous “Control” verse as did many other New York rappers. Instead of dedicating an entire song to the Compton emcee’s incompetence, which was the path chosen by many of his compatriots, he choose to deal with issue in only one line. On his latest single “New York,” besides for featuring three New York legends–Prodigy, Raekwon, and Noreaga–Troy Ave drops a soon-to-be notorious line: “Kendrick Lamar is just a weirdo rapper.” A single shot fired.

While that line is sure to get majority of the attention, the rest of the song is a dark and gritty tour through New York City’s crime ridden underground. It has the feel of early 90’s gangsta rap, which makes sense once you glance at the feature list. All three veterans bring their individual styles that enhance the confrontational vibe.  Troy and company air out their grievances with the game and NY hip hop, not holding back a single pitch.


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Jimi (@Nativejimi)