Today's Math
Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Wisdom all being Born to Understanding

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Wisdom all being Born to Understanding. Knowledge and Wisdom is the mathematical process of Knowing what you say is truthful and useful before it is said. Having the Knowledge of a said us next before speaking or acting upon it will brig forth Understanding, which is the clear picture drawn up in the mind from the Knowledge and Wisdom that one possesses.

To be able to put life’s circumstances in their proper perspectives in a way that will yield positive results is the objective of today’s reality. Almost two months after the unjust acquittal of George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin, the truth behind the whole trial fiasco is finally coming to light. The Florida medical examiner who took the stand during the trial, Dr. Shiping Bao, has admitted that the state attorney’s office and Sanford Police department felt that the unarmed teenager got what he deserved. He also claimed that he was ordered not to speak on certain important aspects of the case. After recently being fired from his job for “county standard personnel practices”, Bao is now suing the state for $100 million. Now the story is sounding more believable rather than the “judicial process works” crap that was ripped off to the people so that they wouldn’t respond like a normal community. Today in history, revolutionary student activist and Pan-Africanist Steven Biko was killed by South African apartheid forces in Pretoria, South Africa on this date in 1977. Just a reminder that freedom is not just a catch phrase, but a right that everyone wants to live with, therefore, should be willing to die for.


Knowledge Wisdom simply means to put your thoughts, words, and deeds in its proper order so that an Understanding is gained of you as well as by you. When wisdom is put before Knowledge, a misunderstanding is produced because what is said or done is not based on Knowledge. Knowledge the Wisdom so that you and I(U-N-I) can Understand ourselves and each other. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)