Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Understanding all being Born to Culture

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Peace to all! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Understanding all being Born to Culture. Knowledge Understanding means to observe all things with your 3rd eye in order to have a proper Understanding. Knowledge gives one a clear picture of all ways of life, however, coupled with Understanding, both principles gives one the ability to Master and live according to the Culture of the Original people,which is I-God. Once one is taught the Knowledge and Understanding of their true way of life, they will continue daily to teach their Culture and share the science of everything in life(Love, Peace, & Happiness) with everyone in their Cipher.

This has been a very long, trying week for many of us. Children returning to school. Remembering the victims and the tragedy of 9/11. Not to mention the hyper dynamic weather patterns that will bring in the fall season. There were some events that can be looked at from two perspectives. We had to bid farewell to DJ Mister Cee from the airwaves of Hot 97 after yet another homosexual encounter that surfaced in public. Even though it will hit many of us hard not to be able to hear “The Finisher” on “Old School At Noon”, at least the Nasty African has finally come clean(for lack of a better phrase) and he can start his life over without any restrictions. Who knows? Maybe Cee will make his fame as a DJ on the LGBT scene now. Baby killer DeMarquise Elkins, 18, was sentenced to life plus 105 years by a Glynn County, Ga. judge yesterday. Yes, it is wonderful that someone who would take the life of a defenseless child will never see Freedom again in his lifetime, however, it is more important that we address the condition that would have someone who is still a child himself commit such horrendous acts. Lastly, supreme happy Born day shout outs to Hip Hop icons Big Daddy Kane(Sept. 10) and Nas(Sept. 14)!


Knowledge Understanding simply represents the root and the fruit. The root of the tree is its foundation(Knowledge) however the fruit of the tree which yields seeds have the potential to become their own foundation. This is way of life of all of nature. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)