Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Equality all being Born to God

Peace to all! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Equality all being Born to God. To have the Knowledge of how to bring about homeostasis to any given Cipher is the Wisdom and Power of the true and living God, who is the Original Man. Equality is the natural balance of all elements that exist within any person, place, or thing. Only one who possesses Good Orderly Direction has the Knowledge of how to bring this quality of being Equal into existence at any time.

As we See this country balance on the brink of war with the Middle Eastern nation of Syria, we have to look at today’s reality and assess whether or not if America is in the position to take any type of global moral stance. We cannot look at the savagery that is occurring among the citizens of other countries without eradicating the same immorality within these borders. If the United States were in fact moral leaders, then this country would never encounter countless situations like that of Johnathan Ferrell of North Carolina, the former FAMU football player who was killed by a police officer while running towards the police for help. It’s a shame that another Black father was taken away from his child too soon and his killer was released on $50,000 bail. If the tables were turned and Ferrell was accused of killing the officer, he wouldn’t even have a bail option. As long as race plays a factor in the worth of a life, this country will always be on the low ring of the moral totem pole. Even as we send congrats to Nina Davuluri, the newly crowned 2014 Ms. America, the degree of racism and bigotry that was seen on social networks following her victory cannot be ignored. The comments about the pageant’s first winner of Eastern Indian descent  being “Miss 7-11” and a “terrorist” just shows and proves the devolvement of civility within American culture. Not only is that mentality uncivilized, it magnifies an insecurity that exists among Anglo-Americans towards anyone with any shade of pigment in their skin. The science is they need to be more comfortable in heir own skin.


Knowledge Equality simply means to acknowledge the limitations and shortcomings of others and sharing the Knowledge Equally, helping others strengthen weaknesses, as a chain is as strong as its weakest link. When all have strength in their own lane, that’s when you see the reality of Good Orderly Direction. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)