Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge God all being Born to Build Or Destroy

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge God all being Born to Build or Destroy. Knowing the reality of God, which is seen through Good Orderly Direction, gives one the Power to Build and construct that which is conducive to the Cipher while Destroying and eliminating that which does not aid in the growth and development of the Cipher. When one learns who the true and living God is, that Knowledge can never be Destroyed because the message of Truth will continue to resonate in the minds of those who Understood it long after its messenger is gone in the physical form.

As human beings, we are able to distinguish opposites because of the extremities on both ends of any given spectrum. We would not be able to identify wrongdoing if we were not able to observe righteousness. After yesterday’s horrific attack on the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. that killed 12 people, the ability to distinguish normal citizens from alleged domestic terrorists has become compromised by the changing faces of terrorism. There is no longer a “face” that can be identified as fitting the profile, especially since this most recent lone attacker was a U.S. Navy reservist. Today makes 1,000 days that the price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States has been $3 per gallon or more. With the recent conflict in Syria, no one should be alarmed as the price per gallon continues to increase. For the past week, destructive floods have taken over Colorado, with roads and bridges across the Mile High state closed down and still over 600 people unaccounted for. With people now running out of food and drinking water after being stranded, it will be seen if the people of Colorado will receive the same treatment from the government as those who were viewed as “refugees” in New Orleans in 2005. President of YMCMB and rapper Mack Maine was recently charged with aggravated and sexual assault on two female fans in Oklahoma in August. No court date has been set for the hearing, however, Mack has to Knowledge the cases of Tupac and his homeboy Mystikal in order to really see the possible fate he may be facing.


Knowledge God simply means to Know God and not be a savage in the pursuit of happiness. A savage is one who lost the Knowledge, so when you get it, make sure you keep it; in mind and in heart. Peace to All!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)