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Drake has an emotional message for purchasers of his third album

Despite the larger-than-life success that has come with Drake‘s ascent to the rap game over the past three years, he’s made it no secret, in both his music and his candid communication on social media, that the entire experience can take a toll. While most found Nothing Was The Same to be a departure from the somber, elaborately emotional ballads that made up most of his multi-platinum sophomore effort Take Care, in the liner notes of the physical copies of NWTS, Drake is sure to remind his audience that despite his comfort level with his current standing in his professional and personal life, nothing ever stayed the same, via a carefully chosen quotation from Ross Valory, a noteworthy bass player known best for his work with the band Journey. Read them below, courtesy of the Instagram account of his official fan site, Word On Rd.


-Khari Nixon (@KingVanGogh)

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