Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Born all being Born to Knowledge Add Cipher all being Born to Knowledge

Peace to all! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Born all being Born to Knowledge add a Cipher, which Born Knowledge. This basically means to take the useful facts that you have gained and make it available to those around you. Once this is done, your reward is knowing that the Knowledge you possess is useful to yourself and others.

There are times when warnings are not given before we are about to do something that may bring harm to our lives. Sometimes, penalties are usually more mild when we don’t have Knowledge of a particular situation, however, when we still choose the path that we are warned about, the penalty is almost always severe. The CDC has issued a warning about the threat of a new drug resistant, super strand of gonorrhea, which accounts for about a fourth of the nation’s 800,000 gonorrhea cases. There are no external signs that a sex partner has “the clap”, so unless you practice safe sex or are celibate, this could possibly be contracted by anyone who is sexually active. Without warning. In Mexico, almost 100 people have been found dead while there are countless other still missing after Hurricane Ingrid prompted a landslide in Acapulco this morning. Mother Nature has always had a way of warning us about what was to come to this planet and with this being hurricane season in he Western Hemisphere, all people living on the North American continent must study history of hurricanes over the past decade and make reasonable preparations. Today, the House of Representatives is expected to take up a bill that will cut $40 billion dollars in SNAP benefits aka food stamps over the next ten years. If you depend on food stamps to eat, especially if you live in the ‘hood, find another source of your food because things are about to get very real in time to come.


Knowledge Born simply means to tell the Truth and shame the devil so that the mentally dead can be resurrected from their state of unawareness of themselves. The resurrection is the reward and a penalty to those who challenge Truth and righteousness. Knowledge to Born is equal to the adage “from the womb to the tomb” and to bring the dead back to life is the objective of making Knowledge Born. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)