trina nardwuar

Nardwuar’s been quite lately, but the “baddest b*tch” joins him on this day

Nardwuar is rather famous. He’s interviewed everyone from Pharrell and Pusha T to Curren$y and Questlove, and his archive of vinyls, bet-you-didn’t-know-this facts and extensive of any given artist’s life pre-fame have made him somewhat of a gem in the digital space. His quirky personality and ridiculously accurate mannerisms make their return with a rather unique guest: Trina. The Miami rapper, who was once the most prominent female artist in the game, gives her opinion on a lot of different things, including her infamous Da Baddest B*tch album cover in her lenghty conversation with “the human serviette”.

-Khari Nixon (@KingVanGogh)