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Despite not having an overbearing presence on mainstream television, radio or social media, The Weeknd has managed to carve out a seemingly impenetrable lane for himself in the pop/r&b/drug-infused falsetto genre, as his proper debut album, Kiss Land (XO/Republic) debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 this past week, narrowly missing the coveted 100,000 first-week sales mark. His first official release, Trilogy, which was a compilation of his first three free projects (House Of Balloons, Thursday, Echoes Of Silence) also debuted high on the charts, eventually being certified platinum this year.


In support of the new LP, Weeknd has collaborated with Drake, who can boast of being the figure that helped make Weeknd as big as he currently, for the “Live For” single, and performed his new single, “Pretty” during his first-ever national late-night television appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Today, he’s released an eye-opening, sensual new video for the song, which sounds way more up his alley than the straightforward video he released for “Live For”. Enjoy.

-Khari Nixon (@KingVanGogh)

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