LeBron James

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A hometown man through and through (minus the Miami thing)

When it comes to NBA players who make the jump from high school to the pros there is always speculation on where they would have attended college. Earlier this year Kobe Bryant revealed that if he were to play college ball it would’ve been at the University of North Carolina.


This weekend LeBron James led his home state’s Ohio State Buckeyes on to the field in there B1G matchup with Wisconsin. Prior to even leading the Buckeyes on to the field LeBron had gotten them pumped up in the locker room with a little pre-game speech.

During the speech LeBron stated that if he were to have gone to college it would have been at THE Ohio State University.

Well there you have it, just as Breaking Bad gave us closure on the Walt and Jesse stories last night we get some closure on where LeBron would have received a college education today. Now we can all shift our focus to the conversation of how good Ohio State would’ve been with LeBron James.

– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)